Motivated by Our Vision. Driven by You

HRH Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Sultan

HRH Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Sultan

The story of this Federation started long before its inception. The details of our lives in the Kingdom are hardly devoid of electronic and intellectual games that brought us together with our loved ones and immortalized an essential chapter of our collective memory obsessed with communicating, playing and challenging. The Kingdom’s youth have always been important players in eSports globally and have competed and achieved atglobal levels. This highlights an important pillar of lifestyle in the Kingdom that we aspire to harness and invest in

This Federation did not come out of nothing. The infrastructure for creating a vibrant environment for eSports has long been laid out by our youth with their love and passion for gaming. This makes our role as a Federation more vital in directing our energies into building an integrated ecosystem which cements eSports as a professional practice with economic feasibility and making the Kingdom a regional and global hub for electronic and intellectual sports

Our aspirations have been affirmed by the level of engagementwe have seen in the events and tournaments SAFEIS organized in a short time. Tens of thousands of passionate fans and gamers have come together in this short period to reaffirm the importance of working collectively in achieving our vision and goals in harmony with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. By carrying this early momentum and investing in it, we are building a sustainable and inclusive eSports scene that delights gamers ofall kinds

We are a small part of a rapidly growing eSports community driven by ambition for excellence. Our motivation is our vision, and our driver is every lover of eSports. Our goal is to develop an intellectual and electronic sports system that connects the Kingdom with the world and enables aspiring champions to shine at the global level